Financial Services

Marketing & Communications


Our clients include leading global banks, investment firms, fintech companies, and trading platforms. We know the unique demands and complexities of this highly regulated and fast-paced sector. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network enable us to identify and recruit exceptional marketing and communications talent across various roles and functions.

From executive leadership positions to specialized roles in investor relations, product marketing and beyond, we have the capabilities to identify and place professionals who possess the skills, experience, and expertise required to thrive in the financial services industry.

Financial services organizations operate in a highly regulated and fast-paced environment, where staying ahead of the curve is crucial. At SRI, we understand the unique demands and complexities of this industry. Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of financial markets, regulatory frameworks, risk management practices, and emerging technologies that shape the landscape.

We recognize that talent is the key to success in the financial services industry. Whether you need executives to lead your organization, specialized professionals in investor relations, or experts in areas such as investment banking, asset management, financial analysis, trading, fintech, risk management, compliance, or more, we have the industry-specific expertise to find the right individuals for your organization.

Our comprehensive approach to talent acquisition extends beyond technical skills. We evaluate candidates based on their industry experience, track record of success, regulatory compliance knowledge, client management skills, and their ability to thrive in a high-pressure and ever-changing environment. We seek individuals who possess strategic thinking, adaptability, and a deep understanding of market trends to help your organization navigate the complexities of the financial services landscape.

Our extensive network and industry connections enable us to identify and engage top-tier professionals who possess the skills, knowledge, and drive to make a significant impact in the financial services sector. We go beyond matching job descriptions to aligning candidates with your organization’s culture, values, and long-term goals, ensuring a seamless integration and long-term success.

Partnering with SRI means gaining access to a wide pool of top-tier professionals who can drive your financial services organization’s success. Let us help you build a high-performing team that leverages innovation, delivers exceptional client experiences, and navigates the intricacies of the financial services landscape with confidence. With our expertise and personalized approach, we are committed to unlocking talent and driving success for your organization in the financial services industry.

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