Fashion, Retail & ECommerce



From large brands to private label manufacturers and online retailers, we know the diverse needs and talent requirements of this highly competitive sector. Our industry knowledge, extensive network, and personalized approach enable us to connect fashion and retail companies with exceptional marketing and communications professionals who can drive growth, innovation, and success.

Fashion and retail companies face unique challenges, ranging from staying on top of the latest trends to managing complex supply chains and delivering exceptional customer experiences. In addition to marketing and communications, SRI’s expertise in this industry allows us to identify and place talent across a wide-range of roles, including ecommerce, production specialists, designers, supply chain specialists, import/export, merchandisers, and more.

Whether you require creative design talent to shape your brand’s aesthetic, supply chain specialists to optimize operations and logistics, or merchandisers with a keen understanding of consumer behavior, we have the capabilities to source individuals with the right skills and expertise for your organization.

Our understanding of the fashion and retail landscape extends beyond technical skills. We also recognize the importance of cultural fit and an understanding of consumer preferences. We evaluate candidates based on their industry experience, track record of success, creativity, adaptability, and ability to drive innovation within this highly competitive market.

With our extensive network and industry connections, we can tap into a pool of talent that spans the fashion and retail spectrum, from established global brands to emerging players. We are adept at identifying individuals who can help your organization navigate market trends, adapt to changing consumer preferences, and deliver exceptional products and experiences that resonate with your target audience.

At SRI, we are committed to helping fashion and retail companies thrive in a highly competitive landscape. Our expertise, personalized approach, and industry insights enable us to connect you with top-tier professionals who possess the skills, knowledge, and passion to drive growth, innovation, and success. Partner with us to build a talented team that propels your fashion and retail business to new heights of achievement.

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