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Consumer Brand Marketing & Communications Recruitment


SRI recruits for positions in every area of marketing and communications for the consumer brand, product and lifestyle industry.  With consumer product companies competing in a global market; innovation, brand differentiation, and consumer-centric strategies are vital for success. We navigate this landscape and connect companies with industry-leading talent.

Our team moves quickly to identify and place exceptional talent across a wide-range of roles.

Whether you need creative professionals in brand marketing, product management, market research, communications, design, events, or digital marketing, we can introduce the right talent.

At SRI, we are committed to delivering exceptional talent that aligns with your company’s values, vision, and business objectives. We go beyond job descriptions to understand the unique challenges and goals of your company, allowing us to find professionals who can drive your business forward.

Let us help you build a high-performing team that fosters innovation, strong consumer connections, and achieves remarkable success in this dynamic and competitive market.

Through our direct-hire, contract, and retained search capabilities, we deliver comprehensive solutions for consumer product and lifestyle companies.

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