Our process is designed for long-term results.  

As trusted advisors with over 50 years of combined experience, our team works closely with clients; providing insights while listening carefully to understand the nuances of each position.

Our expertise, contacts and approach separate us from other recruiting firms.  We are experts at identifying the right talent and have the necessary market and industry insight to provide helpful guidance. Transparency and discretion are the cornerstones of our approach.  And we always consider the cultural fit.  

The net results are hundreds of successful hires and long-term client relationships.  

Our process can best be described as focused, thorough and results-oriented.  

A typical search at SRI includes the following steps:

Intake Call or Meeting

We discuss positions with our clients at length to understand why they’re hiring, what is required and any challenges.  At this time, we provide a competitive analysis and an accurate projection.    

Search Strategy

We go beyond the standard social media searches to conduct systematic research into selected companies, industry sources, competition and our own network. The search strategy for each position is unique, but we always use every available resource and connection to recruit passive and hard to find candidates.

Candidate Evaluation

Candidates are evaluated and pre-qualified through extensive interviews, and reference checks.  While we’re focused on finding the right candidates for our clients, we also consider candidates for other positions.  

Candidate Referral

We provide our clients with a detailed summary and resume for each candidate we refer which includes vital information such as the candidates relevant experience, strengths, reasons for leaving prior positions, and any other information required to make an informed decision. 

Search Management

We discuss every aspect of changing positions with candidates including their interest level, timing, salary expectations, potential challenges and counter-offers.  We also provide candid feedback to candidates and clients to ensure clear communication and avoid any surprises.  We are available day or night and always respond quickly. 

Offer Presentation

At this critical stage of the process, our team is always prepared.  Our deep industry experience and hands-on experience from hundreds of accepted offers provide a unique advantage. We are experts at advising, negotiating and closing successful offers.  

Reference & Background Checks

In-depth reference checks are conducted to clarify key points and confirm a conclusion prior to or directly after an offer is made.   We partner with an industry leading company focused on background checks and provide this information to clients upon request.